Music is the bridge between human souls, carrying the freedom of communication and expression. At the LangFan String Academy, we feel that by building a “bridge” with a strong foundation, you will continue to be able to express yourself through music. Based in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, the LangFan String Academy has a teaching faculty consisting of highly trained professional players that are well established in the area. We aim to share with each and every student the passion and knowledge we have gained over the decades of study at International Conservatories and Universities. Aside from regular private lessons, part of the curriculum for the LangFan String Academy involves regular masterclasses along with live performance opportunities which are an important part of the development of each student. At the LangFan String Academy, we hope to enable the unlimited potential of every student with a positive perspective for making music.

----Xueao Yang, Founder of LangFan String Academy